Take Control of Your Reputation

Why put your reputation entirely in the hands of others when you can control it yourself? With the SlipStream Dealer Video Suite app, you can catch your customer when they are feeling the most satisfied with their new purchase: right after the sale! Few people will remember to write a positive review once leaving the showroom, and even fewer will post a video review. This app puts you in the driver’s seat of your dealer’s image by allowing you to easily shoot and distribute positive customer videos to your dealership social media outlets.

Meet GM Joe

Have you noticed lately that most Google searches return video results over text-based ones? That’s because YouTube is now owned by Google, giving videos a shortcut to the front page. Text based results take months to organically reach top search positions, but SlipStream's video testimonials can help take your customer reviews to the front of the line.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Video Types

Video Testimonial

Text testimonials are ok, but nothing beats a video when it comes to making an impact on future customers. Shoppers prefer videos during every step of the car purchasing process, review research included!

Thank You Video

With this feature you and your sales representatives can thank the customer for their business with a unique video message. Simply film one or multiple clips expressing your apprecaition and send it directly to their email or text to their smart phone from the app.

Personalized Walk-Arounds

With this feature your sales representatives can send the customer a personalized, 360 walk-around of a vehicle they’ve inquired about. With SlipStreams's video inventory customers can even select an existing video from their vehicle library, complete with optional, pre-recorded voice-over. If you’d rather tell the vehicle’s story yourself, you can record your own custom voice-over.


Dealership Logo

Branding is important, so make sure your viewers are reminded throughout the video who the testimonial is about. With the watermark feature, you can instantly personalize each video.

Manager Approval

Allows a supervisor to enter a code and approve videos captured by sales team members before they are published to the web. This optional feature decreases dealership liability and assures maximum video quality.


It’s necessary to protect yourself, but paper forms are a hassle. The Video Testimonial App has a built in electronic release form that lets you cut down on paper clutter and conveniently provides you with the legal documents you need to showcase customer videos without worry.

360 Walk-Arounds: Making Internet Leads Come Full-Circle

Did you know that 42% of shoppers would like to see more product description and service demonstration videos, such as 360-degree product views? Find out how the Dealer Video Suit can make giving the customer what they want (and getting them through the door) easier than ever.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Sample Testimonials

Below are some actual customer testimonials captured using our iPhone/iPad app.

Testimonial by Dorothy Boyd about a 2013 Cadillac Escalade at Capital Cadillac Smyrna, Ga

Testimonial by Cea Putman about a 2010 Cadillac SRX Prem at Capital Cadillac Smyrna, Ga

Testimonial by Nik Kalos about a 2013 Cadillac ATS at Capital Cadillac Smyrna, Ga

Testimonial by Charles about a 2014 Mazda 6i at North Park Mazda in San Antonio, Texas

Testimonial by Patrice about a 2009 Toyota Camry at North Park Mazda in San Antonio, Tx


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