Connect Better With Prospects Using SlipStream’s Dealer Video Suite To Sell More Inventory Even Faster

How Does SlipStream Dealer Video Suite Work?

Picture In Picture Video Walk-Arounds

Empower your sales team to follow up on every lead effectively with quick, personalized vehicle videos that motivate these active shoppers. Exclusive SlipStream features like the ability to send customers unique picture-in-picture (PIP) videos featuring narrated vehicle video walk-arounds. Once shot, this video can be emailed or texted directly to your customer for instant viewing and comes with CRM Integration.

Instantly Capture 5-Star Customer Testimonials Videos

Take control of your online reputation by using real customers in real videos and share them with your audience. There’s no better salesperson than a satisfied customer. Use the SlipStream Dealer Video Suite to catch your customers on video when they are feeling the most satisfied with their new purchase ─ before they drive off the lot. Send the videos to potential leads and share them on your dealership’s social media channels.

Share Promotional Savings With Prospects

Create trust with prospects and loyalty among customers with promotional videos. Using SlipStream’s Dealer Video Suite you can instantly publish to your dealership's website without involving the website provider.

Genuinely Thank Customers That Converted

Invest in the behavior that sets your brand apart. Start every visit or end every deal on a warm note by creating customers for life. Send them a video that says thank you with a smile.

Ready To Show Shoppers Why Your Lot Deserves A Visit With SlipStream Dealer Video Suite?

Did you know? According to Google, over 70% of all internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

SlipStream is the only company I would use for my video marketing. They’re not on the ball...they’re AHEAD of the ball.

Frank Fenandez | General Manager | Fields BMW Winter Park

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