SlipStream’s Photo Booths Helps Your Dealership’s Inventory Stand Out!

What’s better than high-quality content shot on your dealership’s lot? Shooting it in your very own photo booth completed with an automatic 360° rotating turn-table. Fully customizable, this swivelling studio produces continuous, unstitched full motion video-walkarounds and high-resolution HD photos. SlipStream’s Photo Booth is an investment that helps engage your shoppers and makes your inventory stand out. With your dealership’s inventory ever evolving and growing, increasing your speed to sale will ultimately save you time and lower your holding costs. SlipStream’s Photo Booth provides:

  • A dedicated dealership feature for consistently producing online content shoppers want.
  • Highest Performance LED Lighting with only 2 points of origin for minimum hotspots and reflection.
  • Designed by a lot service company to keep the most important part of the marketing process intact, the photographer.
  • Fully customizable turn-table that can handle vehicles up to 18’ long and 1-ton in curb weight.
  • Give your inventory more luster online than the traditional on-the-lot style production.
  • Your dealership owns everything outright so there are no monthly costs or contracts.

I have worked with Derek and the Team at SlipStream for years. They are courteous, prompt, contentious and dependable. They are the best provider of photos, videos and buyers guides that I have found. Anyone who needs this service should definitely talk to SlipStream.

Gary Bosses | General Manager | Orlando Dodge

Ready To Make Vehicles On Your Lot Showstoppers With SlipStream’s Photo Booth?

Did you know? That the average increase in revenue attributed to presenting a quality brand consistently to consumers is more than 23%.

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