SlipStream Offers Value-Driven Plans That Scale With Increased Sales

Is your dealership interested in moving more inventory each month but feel lost and overwhelmed by everything effective marketing entails? Then SlipStream Auto Video Marketing is the perfect partner for you. We have over 11 years of experience at the forefront of auto video production and advanced, omnichannel marketing across industry-leading platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google My Business, and Our approach actively supports your team's needs, respects their valuable time, and positions each piece of inventory on your lot to sell fast. The real question is, does your dealership want to effectively increase sales now?

What SlipStream Plans Are Available?

V-6 Plan: Post The Fastest Lap

All the essentials your dealership needs for producing high-quality content and setting it up for success online. Though not as fully-featured as the V-8 or V-12 plans, the V-6 package offers all the tools and strategies needed to satisfy active shoppers in your market in meaningful ways that increase sales each month.

V-8 Plan: Take Pole Position

Unlock more marketing horsepower through our V-8 plan with features like real-time content performance reporting, comprehensive inventory and accounting management system integration options, and high-definition video tours for each piece of inventory at your dealership. The V-8 plan dramatically accelerates sales online by pairing premium content with conversion-focused ad placements.

V-12 Plan: Win The Race

The definitive plan for growing sales and positioning your dealership for the win. This all-inclusive package of content production and marketing services are just what your dealership needs to take the top spot! Pickers of this plan will also enjoy the benefits of the SlipStream Aerial Media service which gives shoppers a bird's eye view of your entire selection for sale.

Compare All SlipStream Plans

SlipStream Auto Video Marketing Plans

V-6 Plan

V-8 Plan

V-12 Plan

30+ High-Definition Photos For New & Used Vehicles

Extensive 3rd Party Inventory Syndication Including Facebook Marketplace

SlipStream VIN-Specific Text Codes Added To Every New & Used Vehicle In Stock To Drive Text Leads Across Your Website & Related 3rd Party Websites

Custom Exterior Vinyl Window Stickers & Buyers Guides

Extensive Integration Support For All Inventory Management & Accounting Systems

Google My Business Inventory Posting To Boost Local SEO & Drive Sales

Full-Motion, High-Definition Video Walk­arounds Featuring Professional, VIN-Specific Voiceover

Syndication To YouTube With Enhanced SEO & Geo-Location Tagging

Real-Time Statistics Reporting on All Videos

Aerial Video - quarterly aerial fly-overs for use with TV Spots or Social Media Campaigns

Dealer Video Suite App - provides PIP Video Communication for your entire staff/BDC to communicate with customers or prospects

Video & Photo Cloning - Increasing your speed to market by adding photos & videos the moment a new cars hit your DMS

Enhanced Digital Background Featuring Branded Content & Dealership Contact Information

What Is Working With SlipStream Like?

Arriving At Dealership

  1. We begin each on-site workday by arriving early and checking in with management to review priorities before getting started.
  2. We value your business and will always park in out-of-the-way places that won't impact your ability to serve shoppers.
  3. We treat everyone at your dealership with the utmost respect and care, be it you dedicated staff or valued customers.
  4. We adhere to all CDC and FDA guidelines related to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of your team members and the customers they serve.

Review Daily Workload

  1. We establish a working list of vehicles needing fresh photos and videos after reviewing our existing photo and video content database. This list is printed and shared with UCMs and GMs at your dealership.
  2. We prioritize content production by the number of days in-stock stat, starting with the oldest inventory and working through to the newest.
  3. We will alert management of any issues preventing content production for a vehicle — everything from no keys to not being clean and visible damaged. This quality-control measure ensures we capture the best visuals of your shoppable inventory.

Content Production

  1. We will stage all inventory in areas designated by management and carefully apply our custom window stickers.
  2. We use the existing key track system at your dealership and ensure all keys remain in a secure location during production.
  3. We always check with our APPs to ensure all interior and exterior color codes are factory-accurate for each trim level.
  4. We show off all the bells and whistles each piece of inventory has to offer by properly positioning seats, headrests, and floor mats. We'll also be sure to capture and highlight every advanced feature like integrated navigation systems, premium wheels, or back-up camera.
  5. We position each vehicle to eliminate the most shadows and reflections possible. Typically, this means the sun is positioned behind the vehicle during production.
  6. We always mark vehicles with a small P for photos and V for video on the lower driver's side windshield during production to easily identify completed inventory.
  7. We will return each vehicle to its original location and ensure each is properly parked and straight in the space.

Before Leaving Dealership

  1. We return all items received for production that day including all keys and related storage bags.
  2. We confirm with management that the day's production can wrap before breaking down all production gear and resetting the on-site set.

Content Uploads

  1. We always upload fresh photo and video content the same-day; often by close of business to set you up for a successful tomorrow.

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