SlipStream Auto Video Marketing makes static automotive ads a thing of the past.

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Car shoppers’ interests and goals evolve throughout their vehicle search. Shouldn’t the content they’re able to view evolve with them?

Static ads show a single picture everywhere they're displayed and only lead to your website's homepage. This can leave the prospect feeling lost and just as uncertain about purchasing as when they first clicked on your ad.

With SlipStream’s dynamic Facebook ads, HD full-motion video ad content:

  • Is tailored specifically to your inventory
  • Changes based on a visitor's behavior
  • Leads the prospect directly to a vehicle description page (VDP).

As a result, SlipStream dynamic Inventory Ads can lead to a 400% increase in click-through rates!

In fact, SlipStream technology makes it possible to reach in-market and retargeted audiences with the lowest cost per click rate in the industry.

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Supercharge Your Facebook Ads

Based on your direction, SlipStream will launch a campaign that drives highly qualified buyers to your website, showing them previously viewed as well as similar vehicles, with deep VDP retargeting.

  • Dynamic

    With SlipStream’s system, ads consistently show the right vehicle to the right person, online, from your live inventory. Based on the prospects’ behavior, you can display different ads to different groups of people depending on what they’re interested in.

  • Video Ads

    When viewers click on your video ad, they are transported directly to that video on the vehicle details page for the vehicle of interest.

  • Automated

    Save time and effort with daily inventory, automatically uploaded to Facebook. Your ad content is pulled directly from VDP’s.

  • Coverage

    Campaigns reach new and pre-owned buyers. Retargeting keeps all VDP visitors engaged.

  • Ad Placement

    SlipStream video ads run throughout Facebook's network.

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The SlipStream system is the only solution available that integrates VDP videos in Facebook ads.

  • Proven Core Strengths

    • Automated Daily Inventory Updates
    • Superior deep VDP retargeting
    • Unmatched dealer reporting
    • Unlimited ad clicks delivery

  • Proprietary Advantages

    • In-market vehicle search audience
    • Extensive web events tracking
    • VDP videos in Facebook ads
    • Qualified leads directed from videos


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