Detailed Vehicle Video Walk-Arounds & HD Photos Help Sell Inventory Up To 4x Faster

For over 11-years we've helped sell inventory from great brands of all kinds — everything from BMW to Range Rover to Ford, Toyota to Aston Martin, Lamborghini to Volkswagen, and so many more — using high-quality videos and photos. In fact, all of the vehicles featured throughout our website have sold quickly. Best of all, we can achieve the same results for you too!

What Can Be Expected Each Month?

Our turn-key process produces and uploads high-quality, VIN-specific content that shifts shoppers into buyers. We syndicate your inventory to various platforms and 3rd party sites like your website,,, Facebook Marketplace, and many other reputable platforms. This complete approach ultimately increases inventory turn making your lot feel fresher to visitors and prospective passers-by. We provide:

  • VIN-specific, high-definition video walk-arounds for all new and used inventory on your lot.
  • Professionally produced voice-overs for every vehicle in English & Spanish if desired.
  • 30+ professional HD photos for all new and used inventory.
  • Premium exterior window stickers and buyer’s guides for all used inventory.
  • SEO optimized content uploaded and syndicated.
  • Increase Local SEO with our NEW Google My Business Inventory postings.
  • Monthly reports detailing video performance and audience insights powered by Google Analytics.

How Does SlipStream Video Work?

Lights, Camera, Action

Your local SlipStream Team produces compelling video and photo content at your dealership whenever new inventory arrives. This ensures the selection listed on your virtual dealership always matches that of the real one.

Show & Sell Online

We upload this high-quality content and deploy it across your online sales network, including direct inventory posts to your dealership's Google My Business profile. This comprehensive approach to listings positions all active inventory to sell fast.

Targeted Ads That Add Value

Advanced analytics and user targeting enable us to identify shoppers that have viewed one of your listings. From there, we can continue to share relevant inventory ads across Feeds and Stories on Facebook and Instagram, through Facebook Messenger, and throughout the expansive Facebook Audience Network. These ads are purposefully designed to motivate shoppers to visit your dealership for a test drive.

Photo of Kirsten recording a white Jeep.

Ready To Start Selling More Inventory With Professional Video & Photos?

Did you know? 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and product videos increase the likelihood of purchases by 85%.

Spectacular videos and service from the owner Derek to the videographer Tony. Can’t get a better company to work with. Always there when I need them!!

Richard Shuman | Internet Manager | Porsche Of Orlando

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